Retirement conundrum…




Until I reached 50, I called it quitting.  I would fantasize about what it would be like to no longer work full time.  I didn’t let myself go down that road very often as it was a bit of a pipe dream.  I am now 53 so I have given myself permission to call it retirement.  Lucky for me, my husband Paul, loves his job and wants to continue working for at least another 10 or so years.

Me, not so much.  Don’t get me wrong I do like working.  My son describes me as a border collie.  If you don’t know much about border collies, they always need a job or something to do.  When I was young my Mom would tell me that I had two modes.  The first one was totally busy, signed up for more than I could handle and stressed to the max.   That was probably when I was the happiest.  The second one was totally bored.  When things slowed down and I didn’t have 100 things going I felt unfulfilled and unhappy.

Now I have dreams of boredom.  I’m tired of the 9-5 grind, the late-night work emergencies, checking my emails and taking calls on vacations, as there are no real vacations.  I like to write lists of the things I will do when my time is my own.  Will I wake up and take that hike on the nearby trails, will I go to the gym or will I learn how to golf?  I would have the freedom to choose.

Then the little devil in my head says, the minute you retire you will be bored and filled with regret.  I remember when my Dad said, “I hate being retired, it’s like you lose your purpose in life.”  But, my Dad was always an entrepreneur, he never stopped working.   He was always pursing new opportunities.  I think that is the key to keeping the boredom at bay.  I hope to try new things, keep learning and enjoy the freedom to find my bliss.


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