It took me some patience to capture a photo of this cute little hummingbird.  I sat down in the backyard and decided I would have to be patient, hoping one of these little guys would come by for a snack.  Retirement is kind of like that for me, I am having to exercise patience as I anticipate the day I am able to say goodbye to my full-time, day job.

According to the “Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor, one of the keys to happiness is finding something to look forward to.  When I have a few spare minutes I like to take out my journal and think through what retirement will look like for me.  Anticipation is a powerful tool.  Yoga in a screened in patio on the lake, daily walks with my pups, taking part in new art classes, so many options to consider.  I use anticipation as a tool to exercise patience as I work toward my goals.  Give it a whirl.

Nature Retirement

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