Homage to Nature..aka Harvey


My youngest son lives in Houston.  He teaches at a private school there so he didn’t want to try to come home this weekend, just in case nothing happened.  Well, I guess we know that was a bit of a crap shoot.  Thankfully, our cousins were kind enough to treat him like one of their own adult-ish children and let him hang with them to ride out the storm.

I think we tend to forget that nature is pretty much in charge.  We can strip the land, cut down trees and build homes on the beach.  It doesn’t matter how much humans mold and change the landscape to fit our needs, we aren’t in charge. We are merely here on a short term loan.  I just wanted to take a minute to pay homage to Mother Nature, the beauty, the destruction, and the return to beauty, like nothing had ever happened. Prayers go out for all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.




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