Seeking a Healthier Lifestyle – Part 1


Many of us are striving to live a healthier lifestyle.  I have never been one to join on dieting bandwagons but I do know that there are some common sense stuff I can do that would really benefit me.  I recently read an article that said that a new study revealed that sitting at a desk all day is almost as bad for you as smoking.  Wow!  Since I have spent the last 30+ years sitting all day at work,  I know it is time to make some changes.  I am looking at some ideas to push me along my way to healthier living.  Exercise disguised as fun activities, healthier cooking, and other lifestyle changes are all on the list.

My husband actually does most of the cooking so I have been working to get him onboard.  I am a Type 1 diabetic so nutrition is always on my mind, even if it is just reminding me that that margarita isn’t really my best choice.  It is always there like that little angel/devil on my shoulder.  It is time I reconsider all those nights of take-out and binge watching after a long stressful day at the office.  This led me to look into some cooking options that were recommended to me.  One that keeps rising to the top is cooking Mediterranean.

What better place to start then heading out to a bookstore to see what I could find on the subject. I normally buy most of my books online these days and had not been to a bookstore in quite some time.  As I might have mentioned, I have a bit of a book obsession, so going into a bookstore requires me to have some focus.  I tried not to look at all the enticing new releases as I went upstairs to the cookbook section.  I finally found the cookbook I wanted with a little help from someone at the store.  While the salesperson was trying to hunt it down for me, I happened upon a cookbook with a familiar person on the cover.  I have been watching the show, “A Chef’s Life” on PBS and have really enjoyed getting to know Vivian Howard through that program.  I didn’t expect to pick up her hardcover cookbook, that is as big as a textbook,  and decide I had to have it.  I rarely review books, though I have been known to on occasion, especially when it is something that really moves me.  The cookbook Deep Run Roots by Vivian Howard is over 500 pages of beautiful recipes and photos.  But the real thing that took me by surprise were the beautifully written stories.  She mentions somewhere in the book that she thought about being a food writer.  I think she missed her calling.  I have never wanted to read a cookbook cover to cover, but I am savoring this one.

I just want to leave you with one quote from Deep Run Roots by Vivian Howard:

“This was that time in my life  -we all have one-  when everything shimmered in the light of possibility.”

I am basking in the light,  sometimes inspiration comes in the most unusual places.

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