Seeking a Healthier Lifestyle…Part 2


While working on this healthier lifestyle thing, I decided that I hate the word exercise.  I’m not really sure why but maybe it has to do with doctors and such constantly asking about it.  They don’t ask, “what have you done to improve your health and well-being”, they ask, “how much exercise are you getting?”  Well, what I do love are ways to get exercise disguised as fun activities.  So, last week at my physical, I was ready for that question.  I answered, “I have taken up nature walks and hiking, I play Frisbee with my dogs almost daily, I garden and do some yoga.”  He kinda laughed like it didn’t count, but I think anything that gets you moving counts.  This photo was taken last summer at the El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico.  We started out on one of the easier trails but somehow ended up on a 3 hour hike.  It was a blast, even if it was exhausting.  These trails are filled with people that love to encourage, “keep going, the waterfall is just around the next bend”.  We heard that at least 7 or 8 times before we realized they were just trying to keep us moving on down the trail.

Honestly, I wonder where hiking has been all my life.  I am kind of a city girl and it wasn’t until I was in my late 40’s that I realized how awesome nature is and that you can go walk and let it unveil itself to you.  I know what I do may not be considered actual hiking but honestly it counts.  These are just a few photos of places hikes have taken me this year, almost in my backyard, Lake Grapevine, Texas, the west coast in Florida and Mount Zion National Park in Utah.  I love every minute of it.   Where have your hikes/walks taken you?

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