Seeking a healthier lifestyle – Part 3


Last year we moved from our house with almost 2 acres to this tiny little lot.  I was a little bummed out to lose the space I had for my garden.  I decided it was time to improvise an idea for an easy to handle container garden.  After my kids grew up and we were no longer housing horses, we realized those feed troughs worked well as multi-use containers.  So off to the feed store we went to buy some containers and come up with some ideas of how to make them into a raised garden.  We found that the galvanized trash cans would work and were fairly reasonably priced.

My handy, dandy husband Paul, helped me put it all together.  He drilled the holes in bottom of the feed troughs, added in some landscape fabric and pebbles to assist in draining, topping if off  with some vegetable friendly soil.  I cheated and used garden center tomato and pepper plants.  I also used one tub for blackberries and a couple for strawberries.  I also planted some arugula seeds that did amazingly well.

I like to consider gardening exercise, though this little garden is almost maintenance free. We added some hoses that water it daily and really it was just standing back and waiting for the fruits of our labor.  Even though I didn’t get too much exercise out of this, I really enjoyed picking my own blackberries for dessert and tomatoes and peppers are a mainstay of our Texas diet.   A step in the right direction to a healthier lifestyle.


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