Puppy Road Trip September 2017

Exhausted after the “Joy Ride” at the La Quinta

The car was all packed, 3 doggie kennels, with dogs inside, 3 suitcases, 2 chairs, a tent, some golf clubs and sunflower seeds to help with the long drive.  We left on Friday and made it all the way to Nashville.  We caught up with our friends that had already been on the road for two days with their 2 pups, traveling from Las Vegas.

We were road weary and ready for a late dinner when we checked into the La Quinta in a small suburb of Nashville in Smyrna, TN.  Normally we would not leave our pups in the hotel but they were exhausted and sleeping after a quick walk.  So off we went to a local restaurant for a quick bite to eat.  We were just slowing down on dinner when our friends phone rang.  First thing he said was, “uh-oh.”  Never a good sign.  They were calling about 2 dogs that had been found running amok in the hotel.  He was concerned on how in the heck his small pups would have escaped from their room.  Then they mentioned that the dogs weren’t wearing collars, it was now my turn to say, “uh-oh.”  Another long story, but my pups “run naked” due to a previous incident.  While they are micro-chipped, it isn’t that easy to quickly identify the owners.

We quickly paid the bill and high-tailed it back to the La Quinta.  As we approached the front of our hotel we see two people with our pups on leashes standing outside waiting for us.  It takes a village, as we were told that there were 3 different guests from different rooms involved in the capture of our wayward pups.  Many of the people staying at the hotel were there due to Hurricane Irma and had their pets along as well.  We are so thankful for the kindness of these people to make sure our pups were safe until we returned.

Now the manager of the hotel was not nearly as amused and their antics.  Radar was found running around on the 2nd floor and Hottie, on the 4th floor.   Lizzie, the older of the 3 stayed behind to protect the room.  Either that or she was saying, “you two are going to be in so much trouble!”

You might ask, wow, how did they get loose.  Well we had totally forgotten that when we moved to our new house we had to get rid of all the lever type handles as Radar, made quick order of realizing how easy they were to open.  He has even mastered holding the door and pulling it towards him. Apparently, Radar, even knew that his mom and dad must be down the elevator so he took a little ride but got off at the 2nd floor, thank goodness.

Radar Love – the mastermind, Hottie – the follower, Lizzie – the tattletale

It’s never a dull moment with a pack of Australian Shepherds.  They might just be a little too smart for their own good.  But we love them even more for it.

Dogs joy

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