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Oh, Bumble

We arrived in Newland, North Carolina a few days back and we are enjoying the cooler weather.  It’s amazing the difference of low humidity and mountain air.  Happiness is sitting outside on our friends deck surrounded by the early fall colors of trees beginning to turn yellow and red.  The mountains here are masses of green with such a variety of trees that you get the ever changing colors.  Yesterday we stopped by a community garden to see what was growing.

The first thing that caught my eye were the vibrant colors.  The  bright yellow marigolds with bumble bees in mass, drinking in the sweet nectar of the flowers.  The cracked edges of the bright red tomatoes, the peppers that were late in harvesting turning from green to a deep inky black and the masses of cherry tomatoes in all colors were a feast to the eyes.   Fall bounty still producing, getting ready for the winter dormancy, isn’t nature amazing?

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