Taking Flight


Fall is here and I’m ready to take flight, like this little hummingbird. Falling, leaves, cooler temperatures, and of course football, kick off the preparation for the holiday season ahead. I have always enjoyed Spring as my favorite season, when the trees are budding and everything is renewed from the winter rest. The older I get though I enjoy the peace of Fall. Watching the birds and squirrels rush about and prepare for the winter. It makes me anticipate the shorter days and more time spent inside in contemplation and planning. I love when the garden catalogs come in the mail and I can sit by the fire and look ahead to the gardens I will prepare.  Sometimes these gardens are just in my head and on paper to never quite materialize, but the joy is in the planning. Though before all that happens we have the month of October that is probably the best month of the year for weather in Texas.  We have cool mornings and hot afternoons, the flowers get a little break from the heat and decide to perk up to aid the pollinators in preparing for their trips south.  Take flight little hummingbird and I’ll see you in the Spring!


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