Happy New Year 2018!


Last year I chose JOY to be my word to live by in 2017.  I’ve been giving some thought to what I want my motivational word to be in 2018. Honestly I think I my word is going to be FREEDOM.  It encompasses so much of what I am feeling.  My first goal date for retirement is after I turn 55, which is now about 16 months away.  I look forward to the freedom that retirement will bring:

  1. Freedom to exercise when I want
  2. Freedom to go on hikes and take photos
  3. Freedom to sleep late
  4. Freedom to explore
  5. Freedom to learn new things
  6. Freedom of time with my family
  7. Freedom of time to help others
  8. Freedom to read
  9. Freedom to hang out with my dogs
  10. Freedom to sit outside and enjoy the sun
  11. Freedom to enjoy nature
  12. Freedom to travel
  13. Freedom to garden and dig in the dirt
  14. Pure Freedom

While I already do many of these things, I do so with some associated guilt.  I should be cooking healthy meals, dieting, exercising, laundry, and loads of other things I have to do in my free time away from work.  My hope for this year is less guilt and more allowing myself the freedom to do the things I enjoy.

Here is to 2018 and finding FREEDOM everyday!


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