The Wild Blue Yonder


I took a little trip to visit my son in Indiana last weekend.  He has recently made a big career change and is now working at a horse barn.  When he let us know he wanted to make this change we were a little apprehensive.  First off, Indiana is a long way from Texas, it’s cold up there, and this path strays a bit from his original intention of Biology professor/teacher.  I overheard my husband explaining it to a friend of ours, “I’ve told my children to find something you love doing and it won’t feel like work.”  We’ve all heard variations on this but it is rare from my generation to have acted on it.  I think my husband is one of those rare people that figured out what he wanted to do in high school.  It hasn’t been that easy for me.  I followed the paycheck versus something I was passionate about.  I have had many years loving my job and probably just as many wishing I could do or be something else.

I took this photo on the way back home as I continued to think back over my career and the decisions that have lead me here.  Life is short, take some time to figure out what it is you love.  Even if you can’t do it for a living directly, I hope you can find a way to splash a little of what makes you happy into your every day.


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