Pre-Retirement To Do’s


I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on what I need to do to prepare for retirement.  Much of what I have read said to start getting serious when you have 2-5 years left until you plan to retire.  I’ve seen a lot of lists on what things to consider and have come up with the following that seem to rise to the top for me.  Here are some of the items I am doing to prepare:

  • Work on creating a snapshot of where I am financially….
    • List out any debts I have and how I plan to address them
    • List my assets
    • Review my savings
    • Review my investments/401K’s/pension plans
    • Make sure all legal documents are in order, wills, trusts, directives
    • Analyze what income I think I will need in retirement
    • Take a class or read up on Medicare
    • I am hoping to retire before 65, so what will I do for health insurance
  • Where will we retire?
    • Should we stay where we are or move
    • Cost of living here vs other places
    • Choose 3 potential retirement places (other than where I am currently living)
    • Research each of them, including spending some time there to decide how it would feel to live there
  • What will I do?
    • Hobbies
      • Photography, gardening, dog sports/activities, hiking, biking, kayaking, reading, cooking, learning to play golf…..too many things to list….
    • Projects I haven’t had time to pursue
      • Organize years of photos
      • Clean out the closets
      • Organize holiday items
      • Plan play dates with my nieces/nephews & new grand-baby
    • New career or business idea
    • What if boredom sets in?
    • Consider the emotional side of retirement
  • Staying healthy…
    • Evaluate my health and determine ways to use my retirement to be more healthy
      • Cooking at home ideas
      • Time in nature
      • Join a workout facility for classes or get a personal trainer
      • Consider healthy hobbies


Did I mention bird-watching?  I hope to share many of these explorations and document them as I go.  Happiness isn’t always about getting there, but more the journey and the discoveries we make along the way.

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