Spring winds

Spring is in the air…

I’ve talked in the past about “anticipation”. A lot of my fun is the planning and dreaming about purchasing a second home, even if I am not sure we will ever pull the trigger and actually do it.

I am a HUGE real estate junkie and spring always puts my new home fever into overdrive.  Lucky for me the internet helps feed my addiction. My husband says that he and our children barely rank above my love of Realtor.com, Redfin & Zillow.

I’m not really sure where it all started but I always have told the story that my mom was a “home flipper” before there were flippers.  She loved to go to open houses and often ended up purchasing “fixer uppers” and putting her special touch on them.  She also loved to re-work home plans and even designed a couple of the houses we lived in.  As a child my favorite Sunday afternoons were spent browsing the local open houses with my parents.  I tried to pass this along to my family, but my children just wanted to go home and play.  I don’t get it.

A little dreaming and anticipation can definitely boost my happiness meter. It’s funny how with the seasons changing, my desire is to either be where it is warmer or cooler.  It helps me get through the cold winter months dreaming of summers spent at the lake, the mountains or at the beach.  In the name of retirement research, I can surf those real estate websites, almost guilt free.

Just a few of my photos, as we look forward to the warms days ahead.  Come on spring!


Lake Cortez, peaceful lake

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