Time flies


It seems to me that some days feel like an eternity, especially in this Texas heat.  But other days it seems like time is just slipping away.  We haven’t been out and about as much this summer, but we took a trip to Maui for a company event.  We then spent a week there in a condo just relaxing and enjoying time with our boys, daughter-in-law and new granddaughter.

Retirement is still a bit down the road but I am hoping to begin the countdown soon.  My husband and I spend a lot of time trying to figure out our next steps.  He doesn’t want to retire yet even though he is a few years older than me.  He loves his job and has a lot of flexibility as he works from home full time and has done so for 25 years.   Because of this we have a lot of options.

We’e been looking at golf course communities, moving to an apartment in an urban area, moving to the mountains in North Carolina and even exploring in an RV.  We really aren’t sure what the next adventure will be but we are busy living life and enjoying exploring the options.

It’s been so hot here in Texas, that we stay inside a lot, and I am starting to catch up on my reading.  In the evening we have been able to get outside and enjoy the birds that come out in the cool of the night.   P1060594


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