Roads less traveled


When I started this blog last year, I was on a discovery to research places for retirement. Now it seems, that every trip I takes becomes a chance to contemplate the city, not just for the visit but what it is like to live there.  Are there a lot of things to do, places to eat, great outdoor spaces and are the people friendly?  Last weekend I had the chance to visit my son in Utah.  He took a job as an educator in a small town in Utah a couple of hours south of Salt Lake City.  I have never visited Utah prior to this trip and was so pleasantly surprised.  Utah seems to have it’s own flavor.  The mountains and outdoor adventures await in abundance.

I commented to my son that the small town reminded me of Mayberry, RFD.  He didn’t get the reference.  People come out of their houses in the evening and sit on their porches, you see people talking to their neighbors and you hear the laughter of children playing outside.  This little town travels at a different pace.  There are no chain stores other than a couple of gas stations.  There is a local hardware store, grocery store and a quaint main street with a few thriving businesses.  When we decided to get up on Sunday and get some breakfast we realized most businesses aren’t open on Sunday.  It truly felt as if we had been transported back in time.

I often thought that I would like to live in a small town but I am realizing I can’t envision myself slowing down to that pace.  Even this trip to a little town in Utah is helping me narrow my focus on my retirement vital needs.  Here are the main things now on my list:

  1. Urban/restaurants/shopping
  2. Walking trails – safe places to hike
  3. Golf course(s) – for the hubby
  4. A porch with a view – lake, water, mountain – a place to sit, relax, and watch the birds
  5. A place to garden
  6. A small yard for my dogs
  7. Cooler weather
  8. Room to park an RV – so I can get to those cooler places in the summer and warmer places in the winter.

A few photos from Utah.


What is on your retirement wish list?  It’s fun to explore the roads less traveled.

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