Fall is in sight


I’ve been pretty busy at my day job for the last couple of weeks.  I am really ready for the long Labor day weekend.  When I have a little break I am a bit obsessed watching the little hummingbirds battle for control of the feeders in the yard.  I think they are in a bit of a frenzy getting ready for their trip south.

It is just still so hot here in Texas.  It was mid-90’s today and the humidity makes it hard to spend to much time outside.  We have a trip coming up in a few weeks, heading to the cooler weather in North Carolina.  The pups are super excited as they get to come along this time.

This will be the first fall in more years than I can count that we won’t be participating in the Skyhoundz World finals.  My husband and I have competed in dog sports for the last  25+ years.  The sport of canine disc competitions has taken us all over the US.  In the last few years it has even become more of an international sport with people from all over the world converging on Chattanooga, Tennessee for the big event.

This year Paul choose to compete in his local golf clubs member guest tournament that is the same weekend.  I will really miss seeing all of our dog friends but they know I will be rooting them on from Texas.  It is nice to have traditions but it is also nice to start some new ones.

Paul and Super Sport around 1998
Paul and Radar Love 2014

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