RV experiment


We have had some issues with our wood floors and are having to have them replaced.  Unfortunately, they run through the entire downstairs of our home.  We spent today packing up all the breakable things in china hutches, book shelves, etc.  Whew, we have more stuff than we realized.

Since we have 3 doggies we are going to have to vacate the premises for a few days.  When trying to decide what to do we decided this was a perfect opportunity to give RVing a chance.  We are renting a Class C motorhome, 28Z Thor Chateau.  This is definitely an experiment in the making.  I have sort of romanticized going on the road with our pups.  I have so many National Parks I want to see and in my head this seems like an RV would be the perfect way to do it.  This will give us a dry-run to see if we love it or hate it.

For our experiment we are spending one night near home.  This will give us a day to get the “kinks” worked out and hopefully we will be on the road the next day.  I am also trying to work from the road using my iPad wifi connection.  It’s going to be like an orchestration with many moving parts to make this all happen.  The floor people should arrive to move the furniture and the pups locked in their kennels for a bit.  Then we will pack up the RV, while ensuring that the flooring guys are good to go on the new floors.  Next stop, is at the campsite around lunchtime and hopefully we will be all set up by my 3p work conference call.

The next morning I have a class I can’t miss so I’ll be getting ready to go out in public after spending my first night in the RV.  I am really hoping :

a) I can sleep b) the pups sleep and c) the shower works!

That is really my biggest fear, luckily I am pretty low maintenance these days.

After my class we are meeting back up at the house for another floor check and then hopefully on the road in mid-late afternoon.   We have a reservation at an RV park near Austin, Texas.  We plan to spend 2-3 nights enjoying the Austin area.  Luckily I’ve actually been to this RV park before so we know a little of what to expect.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the RV experiment.

Agave’s in Austin

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