Joy of RV tripping

RV Tripping!

I’m a bit behind in writing about our RV experiment. We planned to be in the RV for a long weekend and it turned into a week. The floors took much longer to be completed in the house than what we expected, 3 weeks to be exact. I have to say honestly the first 30 minutes were the scariest. We pulled out on to the highway and and everything started shaking and making a lot of noise. I really hadn’t expected that. The biggest issue was that we had left the dogs loose and they were a little overwhelmed with the feel of the RV. We did do a trial run but I think the highway was just a bit more movement and noise then i expected. The pups have traveled a lot with us in their kennels in our SUV, so we pulled over, put them in their crates and life was good again.

For people that are curious how you would do with three dogs in an RV, it really wasn’t bad at all. The dining room table easily collapsed and we were able to fit their kennels snuggly in that area. Then when we were parked we could leave the kennels intact and put them in the over the cab area. so we could use the dinette. We did realize if we are to purchase an RV we would look for one that has a little more floor space around the bed. Between the pups needing floor space and us needing to be able to maneuver in that area it was a little tight.

Happy pups!

The RV rental had everything we needed. The shower really wasn’t bad at all and we were able to cook on the stove. It felt very homey and we quickly felt at ease. I understand why people choose to live in them, it is like having a condo on wheels, everything has to have a space and you learn to pack accordingly.

The majority of the time we spent down in Austin at a little GEM of an RV park, Pecan Grove. It is in the heart of Austin near Barton Springs and Zilker park. We could not have picked a more fun place to try it out. We were able to walk to trails along the river which leads to a nearby dog park. Within walking distance there are plenty of dining options, bars and many of them have dog friendly patios. Since we didn’t have a tow vechicle the location was perfect.

After we returned home we were really gung-ho about an buying an RV. I is now on our future list of to-dos. It seems so appealing that I actually joined a $50/year RV camping group. So now I have access to free places to camp, but no RV. I think it is something we will continue to research over the next year or so before we make the leap. The next time we hope to rent a Class A RV to see if a little more space makes it a bit more comfortable. It’s a toss up between price, size and flexibility.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. I had been searching blogs to find info on what it is really like to spend time in an RV and I am so glad we gave it a try. I think it is one of those things that try before you buy is the way to go. The best part was the joy of having the pups along for the adventure. Happy New Year!

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  1. Hi! I actually have a blog on RV tripping with our 4 dogs and cat…we started in a chateau but we just bought our first RV, it’s a class a with bunk beds for the dogs…It will give us the extra space for the dogs to be able sleep near us comfortably. My blog is traveling with the wee tots if your interested in checking it out


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