Serendipity 2019

Well it’s the beginning of a new year. I’ve decided to kick it off with a word to guide 2019. I always take the tried and true path and I don’t allow myself to venture too much from what is expected. I usually finish what I start, don’t like to try a lot of new things and figure status quo is better then the unknown. With the crazy stock market and a few other things going on in my life I have decided this probably won’t be the year I retire. Though I am a bit sad I also feel an unusual calm that I haven’t felt, pretty much ever. I am allowing myself to follow the organic paths. If something shows up I can choose to follow it or choose to take a different path.

Following the things that bring joy and letting go of that which doesn’t, I hope the year of serendipity brings about the unexpected. I hope you too will allow yourself follow a different path that brings you joy.

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  1. Based on your comments, I sense you and I share some of the same character traits and I applaud the selection of your 2019 guide word. Interestingly a number of serendipitous events in my life have led to wonderful opportunities and experiences, ones I never expected and ones I would never want to change. Several years ago, my daughter selected for her word “Open” which is one I have to try to remember that can lead to wondrous serendipity.

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  2. Thanks, I like that word “Open”, that is one i will have to consider as well. I had a friend that did the year of saying “Yes” and she said it opened up so many new discoveries. I kind of stay in the safe lane and I’m hoping thinking about serendipitous routes will help me push outside my comfort zone. I forwarded your yesterdays post to my husband, I know he will enjoy the books you recommended!


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