Live like you’re retired…

After 18 months of researching, exploring and trying new things I have made a few discoveries I’d like to share:

  1. Discovering the things you love to do makes the heart grow fonder. I read StrengthFinders and took the test to find my top 5 strengths. On my top 5 list were input and learner. By allowing myself some time to learn new things everyday helps me feel better and become a happier person.
  2. Making new friends isn’t as hard as I thought. I went outside of my comfort zone and joined a local club that has so many fun options to meet people and try new things. There are a lot of people out there like you and me looking for new friendships and ways to spend time after retirement or even in pre-retirement.
  3. Exercise is essential to my well-being. I joined the Peloton craze and now can’t wait to get on my bike and take a 20-30 minute ride with an instructor or a scenic ride through Italy, Paris or beautiful beaches. Doing something everyday consistently helps us make it become a habit. It’s now a habit I love!
  4. Nature is also a key to my survival. Even a 5 minute walk in the backyard, taking out a few minutes to snap some photos of birds or flowers can make my day.
  5. The person that said, laughter is the best medicine, knew what they were talking about. I try to take time to find the humor and joy in life.

I think what I realize today is that even while I am still working I am allowing myself time, well, for myself. Retirement is about freedom but we can begin to explore that freedom and begin discovering what makes us happy. Read a book, ride your bike, take a walk outside, learn to tap dance, just get out there and do something for you!

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