I have been struggling with how to stay positive during the pandemic. It kind of comes down to being thankful that so far, my family and I are staying healthy. When you think about it, that is really what’s important. It’s not where you are or what job you have but that you and your family stay healthy. I hate that so many people are out of work, the young graduates from high school and college are just not sure where their future will take them.

I try, each day to keep it all in perspective and be grateful for every day. It has given new meaning to finding joy in every day. The blooms on the rhododendrons, the rain that is watering my new herb garden and the bees that are buzzing around making sure that the plants bloom and grow.

Rhododendron Beauty

I’m not sure what the future holds but we are all in this together. Please stay safe, healthy and don’t forget to wear your mask. If not for you, to help keep someone at risk safe.

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