Category: Nature

Little pockets of time 

What would you do if you found yourself no longer having to work?  Or even a few days with no responsibilities?  My son lives in Houston and he had no flood damage but he teaches school and his classes were cancelled until next week. He had all this free time on his hands and was…

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My spirit animal

A couple of months after we moved into our new house I went out to get in the car. There is a window in the garage and a little hummingbird was beating himself against the window. I felt total panic. I tried to get the broom to see if I could gently help him of…

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We are getting ready to embark on a trip in a couple of weeks that will take us to some of our favorite places.  We will pass through Arkansas, Tennessee and will be staying with some friends in NW North Carolina.  This path includes many of the places we have on our list to consider…

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