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Time flies

It seems to me that some days feel like an eternity, especially in this Texas heat.  But other days it seems like time is just slipping away.  We haven’t been out and about as much this summer, but we took a trip to Maui for a company event.  We then spent a week there in…

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Spring winds

I’ve talked in the past about “anticipation”. A lot of my fun is the planning and dreaming about purchasing a second home, even if I am not sure we will ever pull the trigger and actually do it. I am a HUGE real estate junkie and spring always puts my new home fever into overdrive.…

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Not a creature was stirring….

The holidays really seem to sneak up on us.  We have had lots of adventures this year that seemed to gobble up vacation days and only leave a little time off for the holidays.  Luckily my days off start tomorrow and continue through the new year.  I always love December, the preparations, celebration with family,…

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