Exploring new places



“Oh the places we will go” by Dr. Seuss

Honestly, what really started me on this blog was the thought of “where” do we want to retire.  Having lived in Texas all my life, the thought of moving somewhere new is very tempting.  There are a lot of positives about Texas and some negatives as well.  Let’s focus on the good for now. Just to state a few, no state taxes, though property taxes are really high, decent weather year round, other than a month or two in the summer and maybe a few bad weeks in the winter and it is pretty affordable to live here.  Thinking of these things has helped me come up with a list of things to think about as we travel and look at places to retire:

  • Income/Property Taxes
  • Climate
  • Outdoor activities
  • Proximity to family/children
  • Doggie Friendly
  • Beauty
  • Cost of living
  • Friendliness
  • Proximity of good medical care
  • Proximity of restaurants and shopping

A friend once told me, look up the Whole Foods or Central Markets and those always seem to be great places to live!  When I visit places this list will be what I am thinking about and hope to provide you some feedback on my thoughts.  Paul might give some input on the golf courses as that is high on his list.


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