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Furry Joy

Dogs have always been a part of our life.  At one time, we actually had 8 dogs.  Definitely a little crazy since we have had Border Collies and Australian Shepherds.  If you aren’t familiar with these breeds, they always need a job to do.  Our dogs participate in dog sports to keep them busy and…

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Homage to Nature..aka Harvey

Homage My youngest son lives in Houston.  He teaches at a private school there so he didn’t want to try to come home this weekend, just in case nothing happened.  Well, I guess we know that was a bit of a crap shoot.  Thankfully, our cousins were kind enough to treat him like one of…

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It took me some patience to capture a photo of this cute little hummingbird.  I sat down in the backyard and decided I would have to be patient, hoping one of these little guys would come by for a snack.  Retirement is kind of like that for me, I am having to exercise patience as…

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